The Untapped Potential Within Complex
Payables Management

Not all bills are created equal
Complex payables like energy, telecom, water and waste require a high level of expertise, technology resources and streamlined processes to manage effectively. Wide variances in formatting and frequency, coupled with high percentages of errors, make these payables difficult and costly to process and analyze. Late fees, missed invoices and shut-offs are a common and expensive occurrence. 

Beyond bill processing
When appropriately captured and tracked, the data within these bills can offer detailed and actionable business intelligence, enabling leaders to make more sound, data-driven decisions when it comes to sustainability initiatives like lighting and technology upgrades, strategic energy sourcing and carbon reduction projects. 

Watch this short video to learn about Ecova's Expense and Data Management solution. And leverage the resources below to gain greater insight into the near and long term benefits of outsourcing complex payables management. 

Ecova is trusted by over 750 of today's leading organizations to serve as an extension of their AP department. On average, customers utilizing Ecova's Expense and Data Management solution realize 285% ROI within the first 2 years.  

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