A Finance Leader’s Guide to Driving Savings and Long-Term Impact

In the rapidly changing energy market, industry leaders are quickly learning how important energy-efficient business practices are to their company’s financial health and positive reputation. Meanwhile, the proven link between sustainability efforts and a strong bottom line has positioned many finance leaders to drive company-wide energy strategies.

This new guide from CFO and Ecova explores best practices for achieving energy and resource savings through corporate sustainability programs, including:


  • Why finance executives are uniquely well-suited to leading their organization's progress towards energy goals
  • How benchmarked utility and resource data can serve as the foundation of your business’s energy and sustainability strategy
  • Tips for leveraging utility data to aggregate, measure, and communicate consumption insights and uncover efficiency opportunities
  • What insight can be gained from other finance leaders who are leading their organization's energy and sustainability efforts
  • Why employee engagement is critical to the success and financial impact of your sustainability efforts

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The Energy and Sustainability


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